Found Pet Friendly Vacation Cabins For Summer Trip

My husband and I wanted to take a small trip over the weekend. We wanted to make sure we would be able to take our pets because we didn’t have anyone that could watch them. We started looking around for pet friendly vacation cabins, like the ones we offer at, for our short summer trip. They were actually pretty easy to find and here’s how I searched for them.

I first started by looking online. I searched Google for the town we were going to and searched pet friendly. I found a couple cabins this way that allowed pets for an additional charge of course. The fee seemed kind of high and I wanted to look around to see what else was available.

That’s when I remembered a new app I heard about called AirBNB. This app has listings you can look at and rent if they aren’t already booked. It contains helpful information to make planning your trip easier. There are reviews within the app, the cost, and if they allow pets. A friend of mine told me she found a unique rental this way. I started searching and put the area we were going to in. I wasn’t able to find a listing for the particular area, but I did find some close that allowed pets. My husband said he wanted to be closer than what these cabins were because his friends would be there. He wanted to make sure we were close to them.

Go Pet Friendly

Go pet friendly… but be sure you go!

I then started looking on Trip Advisor. Surprisingly, I found lots of cabins in the area and a few that allowed pets at a reasonable price. I checked to see if they were available for the weekend that we wanted to go on our trip. They were so I booked them. I let my husband know where we were going to be staying and he said that is right where his friends will be so he’s happy about that. I am happy that we were able to find a cabin that allows pets and doesn’t have a ridiculous price to let them stay. Since we don’t have anyone to help us out, it is necessary that we travel with them if we want to go somewhere. The dogs don’t seem to mind traveling and love to go new places.

It was easy to find and book pet friendly vacation cabins to rent for our summer trip. Finding one that was reasonably priced wasn’t hard, but I did have to search for it. I am glad I looked around and didn’t book a cabin with the first place I found because it would have cost a lot more money. My husband wanted to be close to his friends so I am glad we found something that we could agree on for the cabins and I’m glad I didn’t book the ones that were further away.

The dogs had a great time on this trip and we will remember this cabin in case we want to book it again in the future.